About us

            Over the last few years
 I have been on a path of personal development that led me to Virginia Beach. I have explored my own soul path through music, meditation, and mindfulness. I my life I have been blessed to have the opportunity to  attend a variety of Churches and other healing services. Over all following my intuition in seeking a home and a way to use my gifts to make the world a more peaceful Loving place. Focusing on the healing arts and the souls journey, to better understand my own and how I am meant to help others. This is my path. To encourage people on their path of awakening, and soul growth. Therefor adding to the Universal Consciousness. 

    I spent the first 15 years of my professional career in customer service and sales management primarily in the banking industry. I understand how profession, career, education, and finances affect our daily living and path.      

As an intuitive healer, my work focuses on the use of my insight to help people see, understand, and heal their relationships on the soul level. This includes relationships with partners, family, friends, your work in the world, and with oneself. The goal being, to see these relationships as they are now
~Brennyn Cheyenne Molloy~

    The path of life and being the master of our own destiny is never easy.
It takes courage, strong will, and Love.
  But most of all it requires us to have Faith. Faith in ourselves. Faith in our Creator.
  Faith in Fate.

  We are never alone.
      Many have gone before us and many will follow  us as we make our way home. Living as aware, Loving, empowered souls we can help each other along on this journey called life.
        John Joseph Wood and his contributions to the development of        
 The House of Compassionate Gratitude are immense. He is my personal coach and I am forever grateful for his friendship and guidance. 

  John was born at West Point Military Academy and is a retired State Park Police officer, and 1st Lieutenant in the US Military.  After surviving a life threatening accident nine years ago, John rebuilt himself from the ground up. Learning to walk again, fighting pain and frustration, he found salvation in faith and inner-strength in himself. He is a Loving family man who leads his family and peers with a smile and positive attitude. 
   With his huge heart, he claims the humble motto "I am just earning my wings". With that in mind he lives a selfless life, under the principal belief of "duty, honor, country". 

" You will always have my words. My words on these pages....If you listen softly as you read, I hope you hear me forever in them."-Brennyn Molloy 
A piece of me that is lesser known is that I write. Not just essays and lectures.
I write poetry and mostly the soulful mushy kind.
John also has a hidden talant with words and poetry. I am honored to have worked with him on written works, and to have included four pieces of his Word Art in this book. I know that when you read his raw emotions you too will feel his Love and commitment to family, God and counrty
Our first book "Building Wings" came out this summer. We are so excited to share it.
You can learn more about "Building Wings" on the Creations Catalog. To order it please give us a call or email me directly. 
  1. Title 4
    Title 4
  2. Title 3
    Title 3
  3. Me and my words.
    Me and my words.
    The Magician Again the words were arranged stolen from a loving heart. I don't know where they were hidden Only that when I woke with the thought of you They flowed from my lips like wine from a glass Tender words ripped from the depths of a lonely soul A place so deep and secret I knew not that it existed until you touch it A place so hidden even from myself that at first glance I didn't recognize it as my own A place so full of selfless love spilling over itself in nightly torture It had grown desperate for a victim to release upon Then there was you. Nestled in the center of the chaos. The mad magician at the center of it all It was this night with the inner storm raging, that the truth came out You were no helpless bystander caught in a web of lusty passions No hapless muse tangled in my arms with mindless youthful love You were the creator of it. You were the center of the storm You fused it. You fueled it. With your dark eyes and Ancient Memories You. It was you all the time, breathing life into the fire from far away Reaching out in sleep calling to my heart. Stirring the source of my being Rekindling that which was a hidden ember Feeding it Driving it Provoking a longing long before my eyes saw you Awakening a hidden desire to feel whole before my arms ever held you No other could ever compare. No other ever stood a chance You were there all the while. Like the ebbing tide Waiting, building, smoldering, in the depths of me All the crazy nights of aimless passions All the tears of unfounded sorrow All the unrequited Love It was you. The oneness of it startled me at first So profound was the concept that you simply were my very heart The unromantic notion that you were not just you the stealer of heart beats But that you were the drummer and the drum And had been all along In every life I had ever lived, you had been. Not the keeper of my dreams or a beautiful muse from God You were a limb, an organ, a piece You had and will forever exist inside me, in every form I shall ever take You are not keeper of my heart. You are my heart With this knowledge I set out on a journey to find the rest of me If I have you here If you are where my heart should beat, where am I? Where does my soul now sleep? The path of self discovery is still a silent one, with you locked up in me You do not speak the words of man, only gentle trembles of a deeper knowing I'll look for me and take it slow Tenderly with my footsteps on this pebbled road Patience is my ally and time my only friend Armed with memory's of long before and strings of magic ties I know where I will find my heart, it's buried in the very core of you Brennyn Cheyenne Molloy
  4. Wilson Castle Masquerade
    Wilson Castle Masquerade