Life Coaching & Mentoring 

Are you looking for a change?

Do you feel lost, as if you missed your calling? 

​Are you going through challenges & transitions in life?

We can help.

Do you have dreams & goals?
What are you doing reach them?

Are you excited about your life? 

Are you happy?

You can be and we can show you how.

Personal Positive & Spiritual Coaching​​

We know it is important to be grateful and compassionate everyday. This is the key to a joyful life.
Life can be challenging and changes take time, work and faith. It is not always easy. It can be overwhelming and uncertain.

  Why should you a hire a life coach? 
How can we help?

We provide guidance to help you see and understand where you are, were you are going, and why.
We can work together to help you know and define your life path. 
We can provide support and encouragement. A way to see the big picture, to know the good in your life. 

The aim in our work is it assist our clients in following their dreams. We believe that happiness is achieved through positive living and actively healing your soul from past negative situations and thinking... and having Faith in Fate. 
Anyone and everyone can live a positive, happy life, full of Love, peace and joy if they choose to put the time and work in to be. 

All coaching is done with a personalized plan. We focus on the each clients individualized self-identified needs. The first session is detected to identifying these and desired outcomes and goals to the coaching. The second session is used to review opportunities, assets and obstacles. After this we proceed with scheduled appointments as needed to attain your goals. 
As well as to stop, reflect, review, and let go. A life-coach can help with this. 

A life-coach can also teach you how to this for yourself.

Please visit our scheduling tab or call today for a consultation. 

Spiritual and Positive Life Coaching or Mentoring Session 

Coaching by the 1 hour session - $125
One time or as-needed appointments
One hour meeting with a coach
Momentary situational review
Outcome planning
Asset and needs review

Ongoing Spiritual and Positive Coaching or Mentoring 
Rate determinded Case-by-Case
Regular one hour meeting with a coach
Coaching expectation review
Outcome planning
Asset and needs review
Process and challenge coaching
Email support 
(weekday response within 24hours)
Personalized positive support
Reflection feed back
Referral support as needed
Social media group support