Handfasting and Marraige
Other commitment ceramonies by design.  

     We would LOVE to help you make your special day perfect! With our eclectic spiritual and religious background we can adapt, words vows and the services to meet your dream and values. We Love incorporating special details into each service to make it unique and special. 
John and I are both Ordained Ministers and able to preform marriages in nearly every state.
    Ribbon and cerimony colors 

Red: Will, love, strength, fertility, courage, health, vigor, passion.
Orange: Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness.
Yellow: Attraction, charm, confidence, balance, harmony.
Green: Fertility, luck, prosperity, nurturing, beauty, health, love.
Blue: Safe journey, longevity, strength.
Purple: Healing, health, strength, power, progress.
Black: Strength, empowerment, wisdom/vision, success, pure love.
White: Spiritual purity, truth, peace, serenity and devotion.
Gray: Balance, neutrality, used in erasing, canceling, neutralizing.
Pink: Love, unity, honor, truth, romance, happiness.
Brown: Healing , skills and talent, nurturing, home and hearth, the earth.
Silver: Creativity, inspiration and vision, and protection.
Gold: Unity, longevity, prosperity, strength.