Faith In Fate, your new start

Weekend Getaway November 17th-19th 2017

Join us as we explore the path to enlightenment through the souls journey.

    The path of awakening is a journey full of twist and turns. But as you learn to walk your own path, the one of your destiny, and have faith in that, you will be guided and supported by the Universe.
By your Creator.

Come spend a weekend by the sea and allow us to help you understand your personal soul path and learn many techniques for personal healing and awareness. We can help you see what amazing potential fate has for you when you have faith. Faith in yourself, Faith in the Universe, and Faith in Fate.

What to expect included in your visit.

Healthy balanced meals included.
(Please let us know if you have restriction)
Positive spiritual coaching and soul guidance
(one on one path guidance from Intuitive Medium and life coach Brennyn Molloy) 

 Morning Yoga
(With Michelle Doror) 

Body work & Healing by Appointment
(Massage, Oil work & Reiki)

Sound Bath Mediation 
(With crystal singing bowls and percussion)

Group healing and spiritual connection
(Empowering messages from guides and angels)

Beach Walks/Grounding/Release

Essential Oils, Benifits & Use 
(With Lesley Carmody)

Building Vision Boards
(Picture your Goals. Materials provided) 

Prayer Tie Ceremony 
(A Lakota tradition or prayer and thanks)

Journaling/Power of Words

Hand Reading and Palmistry 

Group Seminars  

Writing and using Affirmations
(I am) 

Faith in Fate
(How your soul path is planned and works. Free will included) 

Ideals Labels and Framework 
(Breaking bad habits and thought patterns)
Karma, SoulMates, TwinSouls
(Who are they and why we need them all)

OneLove, Compassion, Awareness
(How Love heals all, self Love,
What does it mean to be awakened, and aware.) 

Signs signs show me the way
(How to know when you know you are living your destiny)

Past Life, Group Experience, Soul Connections 
(With Debra Wrye)

How sound healing works



Weekend Awakening Getaway.

Faith in Fate,your new start.

The House of Compassionate Gratitude is committed to providing guidance to help you see and understand where you are, where you are going, and why.
We work together with our clients to help them know and define their life path. 
We can provide support, encouragement and resources. And a way to see the big picture, to know the good in your life. 

The aim in our work is to assist our clients in following their dreams.
We believe that happiness is achieved through positive living and actively healing your soul from past negative situations and thinking… and having Faith in Fate. 
We have put together this healing weekend with the same purpose. 
Anyone and everyone can live a positive, happy life, full of Love, peace and joy, if they choose to put the time and work in to be.


Rooms start at $654.

Please call us to book your room and payment options.

In the digital world we know it's fast to point and click, but give the nature of this retreat we find it best to speak to all guests in the booking process.
We want to be sure you have a personalized experiance.
Please call Brennyn at 802-353-5495 anytime.
If you prefer to book online please visit our scheudling page

Positive Life Coaching 

Soul Path Planning
with Brennyn Molloy

Inspirational Teacher

& Positive Coach
John J Wood  

Morning Yoga
Michelle Dorer

Sound healing
& meditation  
with Lila

Intuitive Medium

Outer Banks Beaches, NC
   ​​​​Cathy Egan-Palmistry,  The heart, the head and the hand, your personal GPS.

​Traditional Prayer
ties & Smudging

Debra Wrye,
Soul Coach & Past Life Regressionist 

  1. Massage room
    Massage room
  2. Sand Pipper Road
    Sand Pipper Road
  3. Beach Mural
    Beach Mural
  4. Title 4
    Title 4
  5. Welcome
  6. House Guest Alter space
    House Guest Alter space
  7. Kitchen
  8. community sharing
    community sharing
  9. Colorful Shared room
    Colorful Shared room
  10. Shared room. Group pricing available
    Shared room. Group pricing available
  11. Herbal and salt detox bathes
    Herbal and salt detox bathes
  12. Spa bath treatment
    Spa bath treatment
  13. Clean eating :)
    Clean eating :)
  14. relaxing outside space
    relaxing outside space
  15. Private room, Bring your partner and receive group pricing
    Private room, Bring your partner and receive group pricing