Presentations & Workshops

     I speak to groups on a variety of topics
focused on self-Love, compassionate Love,
and soul healing.
I believe that this is how we heal our world. Understanding our relationships with those around us past and present on a soul and Karmic level is my aim. Including with ourselves.

I am able to use skill and experience to make my seminars very personal and interactive.
I also speak to parents on raising
children in this diverse world.

Presentations are usually about an hour but can be longer when desired.

I speak on any of these topics for public events.

1. Positive living. Faith in fate, your new start.

2. SelfLove

3. Compassionate Love, forgiveness, & letting go

4. Family Love, my child, my teacher, my friend

5. Soulmate, twinsouls, karmic friends

What's the difference?
Why we Love them and why we need them.

6. My soulful life, Wake Up!
How to live from your soul path in 2017.

7. I AM, The power of words 

     8. Faith in Fate: My personal story, How I manifest my success. The journey from hiding in darkness to living in Love & Light. And how to do it.

I am happy to speak on any of these or combination of them.

Hands on classes

Prayer Tie making 
Home Cleansing 
Smudging for the Body, Mind and Spirit
Manifesting the Magic

Moon Cycle work
(moon water, releace, and abundance)